Thu Dec 15, 2011 4:26 am

It’s almost 4:00 a.m. in the Morning and I just had my first Skype conversation with Prof. Plum.

How did I get to speak with this mysterious character at this time of the morning? I was bitching in the forum saying “I feel bad. I don’t know what to do”.

Prof. Plum, as I don’t wanna be accustomed to be called by him told me: “you are like a neurotic fucking headache” and without considering my local time told me to “shut your bitch mouth and get on” Skype.

My bitching mode thought: “I wasn’t even speaking, in this chat you don’t speak, you write. I haven’t seen his face and I’m already taking his orders at 3 am in the morning.”

Skype on. Prof Plum calling. Sorry TheBigL for not answering your call, you understand I had to talk to the chief here.

At first I was doubtful, I liked the first podcast but I was expecting that the voice coming out of my speakers was robotic and loquendo pretending to conceal something more than his identity. Not, he wasn’t, his voice it’s the voice of a man in his thirties, he sounded confident maybe I had lower expectations but he’s not a nerd even when he’s intellectual, maybe a lawyer or an economist.

Prof. Plum it’s not that I couldn’t understand what you were saying. It was because I have my speakers very low to avoid getting my folks out of bed. He almost transcribed like a fast secretary the entire conversation just for the sake of making me understand what he was saying. Even the obvious it’s not clear enough to be explained.

Prof. Plum its very categorical in his expression. He doesn’t mask what he’s saying with euphemisms nor tautological expressions that doesn’t mean anything. He just says what he wants you to do and explains why. You accept it or you have to start arguing with him over nonsense knowing beforehand that he knows what he’s saying.

He told me to stop bitching and to choose a path even if it’s the wrong path because I have to be responsible of my mistakes, even when I’m going to commit lot’s of them. Most of the time I’m indecisive and distracted, two of the things that disconcert people about me. He remembered me of one teacher in the University that made people repeat what they were saying until they said that in a confident way.

Prof. Plum even speaks Spanish. And he’s doing pretty well, his conversation is better than his writing which I corrected in one of the few occasions he told me to stop being a “Puta”. With his Spanish he guaranteed me that I’m going to improve my verbal communication in English by listening to all of the 61 podcasts.

Now it’s 4:24 there must be 1:24. He went to sleep on time and I’m still practicing. “You practice when you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to sleep”.


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