Dec 20, 2011 1:26 am

December 15th 23:20

My Grandma, Perla and I left the “Terminal de Transportes” at 13:46. We took a blue bus, the “Turquesa” of the Coomotors company.

Last night I only slept like four hours from 5:00 to 9:00. My dad stood at my room’s entrance. His sole presence woke me up, as usual.

“Why don’t you join your grandma in her trip to Villavieja?”

“I don’t feel like going”, I answered and remained in bed.

My dad went downstairs while claiming out loud. “I don’t know what’s Leónida’s problem. I don’t know what he wants in life. He says no to everything”.

I got up, packed clothes for the next four to six days and left with my grandma on Turquesa.

The guy sitting to me in the bus can’t understand that when the trip on colombian’s roads are five to six hours long what you want is silence not Alquimia’s music from your laptop’s speakers while you’re playing solitaire.

At least I slept a little. When I woke up, the “flota” was in Melgar and another guy, more annoying than the latter was sitting next to me. He looked at my face, weared dirty brown trousers with white stains and, according to my sister, touched his crotch from time to time to time to time… I wanted to be sit next to Perla, this guy’s personal hygiene and creepy look at my face whenever I talked to my sister had my patience more wiped out than his “culo”.

For six hours of trip, my blatter was accumulating urine. At least the fat woman with arms like legs was not so annoying. Perla’s MP4 helped my patience.

We arrived at Neiva-Huila where we met with Amparo, grandma’s niece; and her husband Hugo who took us to his minivan to Villavieja.
At first Juan Sebastián and Yeison Stiven (or however you write it) didn’t recognize us, but Perla started playing tikles and aliens (“marcianitos”) that they soon remembered the last time we visited them (last January). When Hugo’s van took curves, all of us leaned by the force and “Chanchan” pointed us houses with Christmas lights, even if they were very humble.

December 16th 10:08

The lights were intermittent and therefore the fan turned off various times during the course of the night and that meant that I couldn’t sleep well. Amparo neither. Juan Sebastian started crying non stop for his pain in the ear. Maybe an infection.

Amparo is worried about Germán, her brother, eho had been sued by this woman for not paying the alimony of some girl she had fourteen years ago. It doesn’t matter if Germán is the real father or not, what it really matters is that because of his negligence in defending himself against her version of the facts, and for not hiring a good lawyer, he’s now facing jail for two to four years. My dad recommends to negotiate: there’s already a sentence so the only way out is paying something, not the $15’000.000 pesos she’s demanding without facts nor valid proof.

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