“Papito deme un besito”

This is a comment I made for: Grits for Breakfast: Me, APD, and ‘Babysitting While White,’ Part Deux.

In my country, It happened the same to a divorced father I know from my job.

Victor was on the bus with his 9 year old son, Julian. They where talking and as Victor and Julian have a better relationship than the one between the mother and Julian, they are very fond of each other. They have a very close relationship.

In one moment, Victor asked his boy: “Give me a kiss papito (“deme un beso, papito”). Julian kissed his father and they were happy.

But later on the bus was stopped by the Police. A woman had told the police that Victor was a Pedofile and they were going to take Victor to the CAI (and later to the Judge) and Julian to the Bienestar Familiar. At least it didn’t happened: Victor explained Julian is his son and the accuser remained anonymous.


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