“Women get the men they deserve”

Note: This is a comment I couldn’t post to Common Mistakes You Will Make While Learning Game « Chateau Heartiste.

heartiste: or maybe women could stop rewarding the sort of guys who like one night stands. remember, women are the gatekeepers to sex. they get the men they deserve”

Why would they ever do that? Isn’t that a victory of the woman’s lib mov?

Last week, I attended a /feminist Gender studies conference as an undercover in the best university of my country. There, the feminist claimed that they had the right to choose with whom they wanted to get laid and not be judged as sluts, while at the same time, they criticized, they call  players ‘mysoginists’ for ‘hurting’ women when sleeping with lots of them.

They wanted to have “my body my choice” = “my choice to be a sloot”. They wanted to sleep around like men while not being judged as whores/sluts/fulanas/perras/putas. They wanted the freedom of choice the contraceptives gave them. They asked for equality, but they can’t stand the consequences of it.

For me, I’m happy that girls are easier in this time and age: you don’t have to buy them dinners (or pay them with other thing than sex), you don’t have to be that good looking (maybe a little)… You only have to use good game.

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