Contracts 101

Note: I don’t fucking know what happens when I post comments on some blogs, WordPress keeps telling me that I can’t post comments when I press the comment button. This error message then returns me to the Home page of the blog I’m commenting, I repeat the process ad aeternum and maybe I get banned for spam like on In Mala Fide in my home’s pc. This is a comment I posted in Business Idea by Danger & Play.

When I read the title I thought first that you were going to sign an editing contract for your first book about your adventures  in the hustle or that you were going to open an MMA gym for skinny punksters who want to become hard.

Then, as I started reading I thought you were going to sign a lifetime contract with the possibility of increasing your net worth, become a partner of the firm, travel around the world closing deals and playing the big game earning the big bucks. But I tend to distract myself from the reading and invent my own stories.

Then I continued reading, ok, it’s a lifetime contract, maybe you will receive social security, dental plan, insurance and the possibility to save for your first house. My imagination continued flying.

Then, I saw this was some kind of wicked unilateral contract. You signed, you assumed all the obligations and you could be enforced to comply when you’d stopped complying with the terms and conditions of the contract, while at the same time your boss and employer wouldn’t commit to a reciprocal obligation to you, equally enforceable by the judge.

This is not a laboral contract, this is an slavery contract.

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  1. Thinking about it,I think certain bloggers have their blogs set up where they ban ppl after a certain amounts of spam and stuff in the comment section.But I hope it doesn’t really work like that,because I’ve left quite a bit of links to my blog on RooshV’s blog.

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