Thoothbrush + Thoothpaste = kill your theeth?

Note. My commenting behaviour is very weird: they go to spam and never get published or they just simply dissappear. This time I paste her a comment on Eyeglasses = Kill your vision by Cedonoulli.

I wonder the same about computer anti viruses and pc programmers: they create the illnes and sell the cure.

Also, I wonder about the effectiveness of brushing your theeth with a brush and thoothpaste, because two little cousins who stayed in my house in january never cleaned their theeths, but they had very white and straight theeths. Could be that they haven’t yet been exposed to the chemical rich foods that rot our jaws? Could be the environment they live in (in the country, like in the Colombian version of Texas or Alabama—the south of the country)?Could be the fact that they nev er ever grab a thoothbrush (I know this because when I was invited to stay in their house, they didn’t brush their mouths either)?



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4 responses to “Thoothbrush + Thoothpaste = kill your theeth?

  1. Damn this is powerful shit here.

    Over the past months,I’ve been wondering about this.I brush twice a day for ages now,yet my teeth are a bit yellow and are beginning to rob a bit.What the fuck is going on!!!?And I know many guys who doesn’t brush yet they have white teeth.

    • hablando ayer con una amiga, ella me hizo caer en cuenta de algo: ¿y si fuera la raza la que influye en los dientes? Ella me dijo que nunca ha visto a nadie de raza negra tener los dientes negros o torcidos, y creo que yo tampoco…Tú que piensas SocialKenny?

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