News Tip: A Mangina that could take ‘The Red Pill’

Note: This is a News tip I sent to

This Guy, Mauricio Rubio who has a blog in LaSillaVacía and other “Leves desacuerdos feminismo” (Some disagreements with feminism), a colombian liberal website, is now resigning on his blog and is asking for forgiveness to the feminists about an article he wrote some time ago “En defensa del piropo“(In defense of the compliment).

Despite of being a mangina, he’s resigning because Olga Lucía Lozano, editor in Chief of LaSillaVacia, like any feminist in every part of the universe, dishonestly started attacking him but not his arguments and studies that reveal that sexual violence isn’t a distinguishable problem in Colombia, taking off powers to some feminists demands (funds, programs, etc).

Despite of being a mangina and usually defending  feminists myths like the ‘machismo/patriarcado’, he criticized Florence Thomas and her ‘flominisme’, criticized some feminist studies, criticized Simone de Beauvoir, criticized some other Colombian feminists and understood some differences between men and women (but not on their entirety). He could have been a late candidate to the red pill… who knows.

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