Comment: Does Sex Tourism Save Lives?

Note: This is a comment I left chez Expat Chronicles’s Does Sex Tourism Save Lives?

Excellent article, I had my own analysis on the scandal in my blog, but this focuses more on the Colombian cultural problem you call “devil is balls deep in Colombia”.

I see that as what is called the double morality, the moral analgesia of colombians. Maybe thats caused by a Culture that is very focused on gaining money fast, legacy of the Pablo Escobar’s days (what do you think about the new novela?).

Another thing I have saw in regards of the prostitution, is that there’s no real exploitation as the politicians wanted to make us think during the “sexiescandalo” (as named by the medios amarillistas). Dania is not a victim, she likes to have a good life, and she have the body (not the face) to afford it, she even has spend some parties with the “farandula criolla”. On one side we condemn prostitution as exploitation and on the other we see the prostitutes shaking hands with the jet set.

On the other side, I have met women that you see them on the streets and you think they’re only university students with model’s looks, but not, they alse work as prepagos and strippers. They usually aren’t that poor to not have to that arepa, they come from good familys, with good last names, but they choose to work at that, because it gives them options. Are they victims? I don’t think so.


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One response to “Comment: Does Sex Tourism Save Lives?

  1. MaxxWiskers

    Sex Tourism is real actual verifiable nation building.

    I know politicians want us to believe otherwise. Politicians with mass media collusion expects you to believe nation building is peppering with 30mm depleted uranium bullets and endless staking with drones. But far more personal empowerment, growth and prosperity would be begotten by aggressively selling the cat.

    Whoring is a key ingredient to social progress.
    My explanation:

    First thing to note: Actual operational whoring; when evaluating whoring the actual amount that is actually happening is the measure. Measuring hypocrisy is something quite different.

    Next HBD. Google “HBD Chick” to understand what this means and entails.

    The idea:
    Effects of whoring = Out-breeding and progress into modernity
    Effects of Islam and the berka = inbreeding and clannish fiefdoms.

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