GOD MAN, don’t you want kids SOMEDAY?

Note: This is a comment I posted in response to “Contributed Story: Private Man’s Vasectomy Venture” by Collin at Expat Chronicles, a very good blog where I discover a different point of view about Colombia with interesting stories that normal people would never be able to live on their boring lives.

Hahaha I don’t know If I really want to have kids. First, I have a congenital disease. The same one that kept my dad on dialysis for several years and almost killed him in the transplant.

Second, I fucked a girl I met in the Transmilenio without using a condom and I know she wasn’t on the pill (like most colombianas who are illiterate about contraception methods). I didn’t see her again, but one day I knew she was pregnant. Silly, but I first thought it was my fault and not hers of being a slut. Luckily It was the last option, I don’t want to repeat the same story of my dad.

Third, Last year I suffered of Hematospermia (blood in the semen). This hematospermia besides causing me to ejaculate semen with scarlet red blood, It caused me to be almost sterile with a very low sperm count (espermograma was that exam), and the living ones were death or motionless. I went to the Nefrologist and Urologist and the problem seemed to persist even after taking many pills and even having practiced a prostate exam (but with a tube camera not the doctor’s fingers, as is commonly practiced). It wasn’t that bad as is usually thought, I didn’t feel raped I just was making a good use of my EPS.

So, my bloody semen didn’t want to get better, I know the effects (legal and economical) of an uplanned baby, especially to a young single man who wants to be succesful and a “player” and I don’t want my bad genes to be passed. I consulted with my urologist about the vasectomy, the EPS seems to cover it, If not, it’s very cheap. It was like a genetic suicide. I was thinking about it.

Happily my bloody semen was cured. But I’m still think sometimes about it.



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5 responses to “GOD MAN, don’t you want kids SOMEDAY?

  1. Goddam bro!!Que carajo paso lol!?

    Shit happens and we all take certain risks in life.I banged more HB’s without a rubber than I can count.

  2. Socialkenny PUA

    Goddam bro!!Que carajo paso lol!?

    Shit happens and we all take certain risks in life.I banged more HB’s without a rubber than I can count.

    Check your comment spam folder and approve my other comments.

  3. Never say never friend. Take the time now to enjoy life and the freedom you have but trust me, as time passes, you WILL want to leave something behind on this earth besides consumable goods and shit.

    • Thanks man! I haven’t resigned to kids yet, but maybe all this “manosphere” articles and arguments about the risks (legal and economical) of having them are making me very “cynical” and indiferent. Also, Law school doesn’t help (i.e. legal risks), either.

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