Why we love to “Fuck”?

When I started learning English, one of the earliest demands that I, and the rest of the classroom, did to the teacher was about to teach us those “forbidden words”, the “profanities” that we have heard throughout our lives and that every time we utter them somebody seems to yell loud and have a little crisis over our scandalous language. The same about French and German, we the students always want to learn the words that “they” say are “bad words”. Those were good old times.


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2 responses to “Why we love to “Fuck”?

  1. Hilarious. I just watched this movie the other day and I’m amazed that it actually had this many of that particular profanity. Fuck! lol

  2. Me too. I haven’t even realized how many times “fuck” was said after seeing that youtube video, maybe I was watching another movie and I didn’t realize it.

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