Quote: The Spark | Arnold Schwarzenegger

Give me 15 minutes a day. That is 1 percent of your day. All I’m asking is that you do something for your health and fitness 1 percent of your day? It’s true. I’ll talk more about this later. I’ll show you a workout that you can do in 15 minutes, wherever you are. Maybe you need your 15 minutes to plan a healthier menu for the week. But for now I want you to take 1 percent of each day and make it all about you living a healthier life. Trust me, if you make the 1 Percent pledge, you’ll find yourself doing more.

Convince someone else to join you. Your family, your best friend, your coworker. This is a movement – and it will only work with followers. So start leading. All the great movements – from the Civil Rights movement, to women’s suffrage, to the end of Apartheid in South Africa – didn’t start with governments or authorities – they started with people. And they worked because they convinced others to join and created momentum that allowed them to be successful. It’s called a movement for a reason. Stop waiting around and get others to join us.

via The Spark | Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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