Two interesting (not my) music video interpretations

Okay so. The jell-o is kind of like our own self-centeredness and how focused everyone is on themselves. We are so focused on our own want we don’t notice anything else whether it’s people being good or a massacre going on right behind us (the chocolate massacre). At the end the girl is bleeding chocolate because we are the cause of our own problems and we have brought suffering upon ourselves. Maybe, I don’t know. Just what I thought of. 0Alexxis0

there’s a guy sleeping beside her if you notice. it is indeed about her first time. the apple represents herself, and as she peels it off she kind of loses her innocence little by little. and her funny faces are actually mixed emotions when she’s falling in love with the guy — shy, happy, sad, happy again, confused, scared. and then finally she looks at her peeled apple sadly and then finally accepts the fact that she’s lost her v-card, somehow by smearing blood on her lips. weird video is weird gotaworktodo


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Filed under Musical Friday, Próxima Parada, Verba

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