Quote: NO MA’AM: Age is a Social Construct

The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of “age” struggles.

I believe in championing the cause of child suffrage. In this day of “equality” it is an outrage that children don’t have equal rights with adults. I believe in equality and all human beings are equal, and therefore children should have equal rights.

Age is nothing more than a social construct, designed by adults, to enable the adult oppression of children which has been present for thousands of years. What is age, after all? What does 10 years old mean? It means the earth has circled the sun 10 times, it means the earth has spun around on its axis between 3,652 to 3,653 times. That the earth circles the sun, or that there is existence of night and day, is of zero consequence to personal development and has nothing to do with a human’s ability to reason.

Therefore, it is obvious that age is a social construct, created and perpetuated by adults, to enable the oppression of the young since the beginning of time. These talks about the young not possessing the same capacaties as adults are corrupt. That adults state the young are amoral is an idea born of ageism, and such ideas must be driven from society.

Equality for the young! Give the young equal rights and privileges under the law, including the vote.

via NO MA’AM: Age is a Social Construct.

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