A P.S. I didn’t send to Victor Pride

P.S.: Victor, what finance/entrepreneurship/management/marketing/economy/negotiation related sites and books could you recommend me and that have been useful for you? I’m at 3-4 year of law school but because of my past mistakes I have taken too much time studying at the university and I haven’t cared much about my grades so my job propects in law and juridic services are a little harder with the students loans lingering. Sometimes I think I don’t care anymore about following the typical lawyers path: study law then work for the State as a bureaucrat in a soul killing job inside an small office with the same coworkers whose only interest in life are the office gossips, celebrating the boss birthday and getting together on fridays to go drinking and start talking about their empty lifes, waiting for retirement.

I have never worked nor earned a single peso in my life, but I don’t want to be a parasite. I don’t want to keep depending on my parents. I don’t want to have a minimum wage job (salario mínimo) for a company nor the state. Even I have started to think I should follow the destiny of my legendary spartan homonym: keep training, join the army, have the fisical and strategic training, «fight against the FARC», «glory» become an officer and have some direction in life. It’s the same as being a bureaucrat, only with an uniform.

But thats not what I really want. I have never worked at anything, nor earned a single peso. Yet I want to have an independent, self reliant living. Learn a profitable skill. Work. Make money. Maybe continue with my father’s office but make it a bigger lawyers buffet. Learn to manage the family’s assets and dedicate myself to real state. I could be a law professor (If I liked law school). Whatever it is, I want to learn and become self reliant.


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One response to “A P.S. I didn’t send to Victor Pride

  1. maurici92

    I have thinking about the same stuff. Join the Army and going to kill the guerrilla. To be a some kind of hero, whatever.
    Then I realize I am just some alien in Bogotá, studying something with literature.

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