Quote: The Winter Bulk Up Finale, VK edition | NexxtLevelUp

Lifting goes hand and hand with game. When you first learn game you want fast results, you want phone numbers and notches right away. When you first start working out you want to make gains in your lift weekly and to see drastic improvement in your body. The less used to getting women you are the more drastic you want your improvements in game to be. The smaller and weaker you are the bigger you want to see yourself become in the gym. But fast results in the gym and in picking up women are a young man’s game, rightfully so. But then you level off, the initial great leaps and bounds you’re making in both start to become far and few between. You’re not a rookie at both anymore, you’ve been initiated into the dark arts so guess what, now is when the real work starts. Now is when you realize you have to think long term, further out and ahead. You want to look good in your swimming trunks for summer 2013 guess what, you put in that work November/December 2012 its just that simple.

via The Winter Bulk Up Finale, VK edition | NexxtLevelUp.


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