Quote: The Way of Men by Jack Donovan | Industrial Renaissance

  • The Way of Men is the Way of the Gang. A gang follows several themes:

    • Territory: “This ground is ours.”
    • “Us” and “Them”: You are either with us or against us.
    • Internal Reputation: Members are concerned with the reputation regarding the tactical virtues because it shows they can be counted on. Those who don’t care what others think of them can not be considered dependable.
    • External Reputation: Members also care about the reputation of the gang with other gangs.
  • The tactical virtues differentiate men’s experience from women’s. These virtues unique to groups of men are:

    • Strength: Survival requires strength, and all other virtues require survival. Therefore, the strength to get and keep resources is the primary virtue. [This is a different matter from how strength is deployed, which is the purview of moralists, ethicists, philosophers, and theologists.  See “being a good man versus being good at being a man”, below.]
    • Courage: Putting strength to use requires risk, and facing risk requires courage. Courage must be demonstrated with a will [intent]: endurance is not the same as courage.
    • Mastery: The cultivation and demonstration of proficiency and expertise. Mastery enables dominion over the self, others, and nature.
    • Honor: The concern for one’s reputation for strength, courage, and mastery. The exact form “honor” takes changes depending upon the group and culture, but it always ties back to the other tactical virtues.
  • Being a good man and being good at being a man are not the same.

    • Being a good man is about virtue and morality.
    • Being good at being a man is about embracing the tactical virtues and the qualities that improve the chance of survival in dangerous situations.
  • Civilization denies most men the opportunity to be tested and know who they are, but there are several possible outlets: Democratic solutions to the loss of real masculine outlets are not possible. Men are wired to fight over women, not fight against women. This is why feminism wins. Men did not take to the streets for the freedom to cry in public: this “liberation” was rather imposed on them without their request. They will never “take to the streets” feminist-style or join men’s rights associations, to “put women in their place.” Trying to do this is a losing strategy.

    • Simulated Masculinity: Playing sports, rooting for a sports team, and participation in military and police activities.
    • Vicarious Masculinity: Watching, hearing about, or studying the history of other males participate in war, survival, or sports through movies or stories about other males demonstrating the tactical virtues.
    • Intellectualized Masculinity: Economic aggression [adrenaline-fueled hostile takeovers or market manipulation], political aggression [high-stakes debates, negotiations, or pre-war domination], turning to inner battles of a religious or ideological nature, and asceticism.
  • Gangs will rebuild from the rubble of our current decadent society. Start now to build your gang with:

    • Proximity: Strong bonds are not formed online.

    • Identification of “us”: Choose whatever criteria you want. Politics and urgent survival can create strange bedfellows, but these alliances are temporary and volatile. When the threat is removed, so is the alliance. Unity requires some kind of shared values.

    • Fraternity: Loyalty is built over time through interaction.

via The Way of Men by Jack Donovan | Industrial Renaissance.


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