Quote: Why does AIDS = “Victim” but Pregnancy = “Your Fault?” – The Spearhead

Why is it that when a man gets a woman pregnant because he had unprotected straight sex he is a rogue who must pay, while a gay man who has anal sex with some anonymous guy in a bathhouse and gets AIDS is a victim to be pitied, and by extension paid for by the rest of us?

If children are a blessing, then shouldn’t that soften our attitude toward the man who knocks some girl up? AIDS has no social benefit whatsoever, but the guy who gets it isn’t blamed. No, instead he becomes some sort of special victim, all because he couldn’t keep his pecker in his pants. And isn’t that the argument for forcing straight men to pay for unwanted pregnancies; that they didn’t have to screw the girl?

So, as it stands today, unwanted results of straight sex are bad and punished, while unwanted results of gay sex make the unlucky dude a victim?

via Why does AIDS = “Victim” but Pregnancy = “Your Fault?” – The Spearhead.

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One response to “Quote: Why does AIDS = “Victim” but Pregnancy = “Your Fault?” – The Spearhead

  1. Call it what you want pero en América, aquella maldita sociedad se ha estado vuelto a un montón de pussies la cual llora por todo. Just as nowadays in the America, everyone is bitching about bullying and how bullying is so evil and people and killing themselves over bullying. In the 90’s criandome en la ciudad de Nueva York (El Bronx), todo fue molestado, y nadie se mato por eso; nunca jamás!

    My point is just that nowadays, America had become a society of pussies, cry-babies and winers.

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