Wald’s Challenge Week 1 @Scarred_Tissue


This is what I feel…

On sunday 24th febrary I accepted Walderschmidt’s challenge.

Monday 25 th February: 19 Cards, 25 reps max/push-ups, 16 reps max/pull-ups, No running, no sit-ups.

Wednesday 27th February: Only made 10 cards.

Saturday, March 2nd: Ran less than 1 mile (1,605 km). Running made me sick I couldn’t recover and felt like collapsing in the park, went back home to sleep with flu symptoms and coughing and spitting mucus. At night made the TRX Basic Training which consists of:

Jumping Squatsx30′ (all excercises are one set of 30′)

Rest 30′ between excercises

One legged squatsx30


Sprinters start


Hamstring curls


Hamstring curls with less balance


Back row


Single back row


Shoulder flys


Shoulder and Y flys


Chest press


Chest press (TRX push-ups)


Suspended plank


Obliwue plank with one arm up


Elevated crunch


TRX Atomic Push Up

Sunday, March the 3rd: 22 cards. 20 rep max/push-up, 15 rep max/pull-up, Replaced the sit ups for L-Sit Pull-Ups. No running.

Monday, March 4th: 20 cards. 25 max push ups. 12 max pull-ups (didn’t push for max).

Wednesday, March 6th (today): 36 cards. Replaced squats for pike push ups. Max inclined push ups: 20. Max push ups flat: 30. Max Pull-Ups: 20.


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8 responses to “Wald’s Challenge Week 1 @Scarred_Tissue

  1. When you first seriously work out after not doing anything for a while, it really kicks your butt.

    Keep going.

    • Running. Running. I remember that when I was in the school, in PhisEd class the teachers had us a test, which was the period exam: Test de Cooper.

      They had us run up the «carretera» (road), a rocky way, then go down the green hill to the microfutbol courts, they counted our laps. We had to complete 15 laps in under 15′.

      I always finished on the first 10 boys, usually on the 7th place, never last. But only to have so mediocre prize for my ego had me coughing mucus all the day, green and thick mucus, bending over and spitting. «Are you okay?» «Ughhhhh….ughhhh Yes». What I do to not be last.

      How I hate spitting. Almost throwing up.

  2. I’d rather not speak too much of which armed forces I’m in.

    As for your other question, the work outs I propose are based on a what I did to prepare for a physical test to get into a military university.

    I did not get in, but I have been able to exceed and meet some of the physical requirements, which is not easy. These workouts are different from what is typically advised. In my environment, the PT keeps me in good shape, but doesn’t advance me forward like the workout I suggest does.

  3. Уведомление: Wald’s Challenge Week 3-5 @Scarred_Tissue | Transmillenium

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