Wald’s Challenge Week 2 @Scarred_Tissue

On sunday 24th febrary I accepted Walderschmidt’s challenge. Wald and I know this is half-week, from my first update Wednesday March 6th to today Sunday March 10th.

Thursday March 7th: Still sore from wednesday so no serious workout, yet I managed to do some push-ups and pull-ups on my studio while translating 100 Citas Célebres sobre Mujeres (traducidas al Español).

Friday March 8th: In the morning, while finishing the translation, I managed to do some push-ups and pullups then continued my daily routine which should have consisted of studying but spent my day reading Manosphere blogs, watching Hodge Twins and Elliot Hulse on Youtube and writing down some ideas. At night I went to the park to do some piramids/super sets of Pull-ups and Dips on the monkey bar.

Sprinting on the microfútbol cancha (shorter than a basketball court and a tennis court, I asume is 18 ms long): 6 sprints from side to side without rest, until some assholes arrived at night to “play”.

Piramids of Dips & Pull-Ups: 1|1; 2|2; 3|3…10|10

Tried to do the muscle up but my explossiveness and the transition are very hard on me. Went home.

Half hour later went out to walk my dog. Again some piramids.

Piramids of Dips & Pull-Ups: 1|1; 2|2; 3|3…7|7

Tricep extensions between the Dips & Pull-ups, somehow they helped me rest.

Saw this girl I know walking her dogs and called her. We had a long conversation while my dog tried to fuck persistently and unsucsesfully Lluvia (Rain) and Nube (Cloud). I’m not so persistent yet two dogs try.

Saturday 9th: The same as Thursday. Sore from the day before yet I managed to do some push-ups and pull-ups inn my studio, also I did some fingertip pushups (like 5, felt my fingers snaping but I’ve reached 10 before).

Sunday March 10th: Saw this vid from Danny Kavadlo, Al’s brother, and did it minutes ago:

The Century Workout: 40 Squats, 30 Push-ups, 20 Hanging Leg Raises, 10 Pull-ups

Amazing feel!

Update 12:15: Dad and I went bicycling on the famous  Ciclovía and did some push-ups and back rows in the park.


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3 responses to “Wald’s Challenge Week 2 @Scarred_Tissue

  1. Where have your other reports been man?

    • Just arrived from a trip to Chinauta with my family so just today I have internet access. Just posted the week’s 3-5 report. Thanks for the pressure and for holding me accountable.

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