Wald’s Challenge Week 3-5 @Scarred_Tissue

On sunday 24th febrary I accepted Walderschmidt’s challenge.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: 100 SIT UPS/PUSH-UPS in 2″, 20 Pull Ups in 2″ and run a mile (1,605 km) in 6″.

Week 3: Nothing, nichts, rien, zero, nada. Shameful and ironic after scheduling this on that same week.


Week 4:

Monday 18th March: The Century Workout but doing 40 push-ups, then 30 jump-squats, 20 pull-ups and 10 leg raises.

Then pyramids of dips & pull-ups until reaching 10 of each excercise.

Wednesday 20th: TRX Basic Workout. Duration: 40 minutes. Sets: 30” Rest periods: 30”

Friday 22th: Went bycycling with dad for 30 mins. Then in the park did push ups, back rows, L-seated pull-ups, Pike push-ups.

At night went out and did shadow boxing for maybe 30 seconds for two sets. Tricep extesions on the ladder of the monkey  bars. Pull-ups & Dips until reaching 10 reps on each.

Saturday 23th: Bike with dad and some push ups in the park. I’m now maxing 50.

Sunday 24th: Did some TRX excercises, especially Back rows, bicep curls, Shoulder flys and push ups.


Week 5:

Wednesday 27th: For Semana Santa (Easter Week) we went out to a town near the capital city, it’s tierra caliente so it’s not the same 14ºC on average on a normal day in Bogotá, but maybe 27ºC on an average sunny day. Went biking downhill and uphill on the road for 1 mile aprox (House-Police Station-House). Then did the TRX Basic Workout on a tree branch.

Thursday 28th: Did some excercises on the TRX for 45′, but the day was so sunny and the pool is now a green swamp.

Friday 29th: Dad and I went bycicling for maybe six-eight miles. My dad is surprised that he doesn’t find dificult riding the bike uphill. Then we made some TRX excercises and we’re seeing a lot of improvement in our own objectives: he is now performing more sets of TRX excercises, he now can do more push ups (max 10, inclined 20), one handed TRX back rows (15 on each hand) and he’s losing his fear to do jumping squats (he maxing 15). Me, on the other hand I’m getting stronger, I’m trying bulking but everyday I see more the cut, especially this days of hot temperatures and lots of sweat.

Saturday 30th: Bike on the same distance plus on the uphill and downhill I’m riding the bike standing instead of seated, training more calves, hamstrings and glutes. Sore.

In the afternoon did TRX excercices. At night did a lot of sets of Push-ups, chin-ups and pull-ups. My max push-ups is 50 reaching failure on that last rep. My max pull-ups are 20, but on average I do only 15.


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2 responses to “Wald’s Challenge Week 3-5 @Scarred_Tissue

  1. Shame about week number 3 – but it is good that you’re honest.

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