I would have said something like this

This is a comment I posted over at It’s Their Game

“I blog anonymously, that’s why you called me to come here, then you ridicule me for blogging anonimously. One cannot imagine what could happen to my life if I showed you my ID.”

“There are guys in the Manosphere, like Roosh V who has appeared numerous times in the media showing the skills that make him a book writer of his experiences with women abroad, books that have brought to him criticism by the MSM in various feminist countries like Iceland and Denmark while at the same time, winning the respect, appreciation and admiration of men who, like me, have embarked in this road of self-actualization to kill the pretty lies we have been told all our lives…”

“Thank you for giving me the oportunity of representing before the MSM the views of the Manosphere. Despite my appreciation I suggest you to consider in future oportunities men like Roosh, Roissy, Rollo, Krauser, Virgle Kent…et al”


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