Quote: Open Post #26 – Feminism | Best Gore

Men have historically achieved greater things than women, but that’s because they had their women supporting them every step of their way. By knowing their place and sticking with it, the women were the driving force behind the achievements. A man knew that even if whole world turned against him, he could come home and there find his woman who didn’t care one bit what the entire rest of the world thought. She was always there for him, always on his side. That man would do anything for his woman.

But then the feminists came and poisoned the world with their toxic minds. All of a sudden they felt like they needed to go against the natural order of things and do the man’s work. A woman who used to be there for the man and stood always by him, suddenly turned against him and used her body to undermine his position. And just as leftists invented word “bigot” and Zionists word “Anti-Semite”, feminists came up with their own labels to plaster all over everyone who didn’t agree with them.

via Open Post #26 – Feminism | Best Gore.


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