Wald’s Challenge Week 13 “Fail” @Scarred_Tissue

On sunday 24th febrary I accepted Walderschmidt’s challenge.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: 100 SIT UPS/PUSH-UPS in 2″, 20 Pull Ups in 2″ and run a mile (1,605 km) in 6″.

91  Days   — or —   13  Weeks and  0  Days have passed since February 24th, 2013 the beggining of Wald’s Challenge.

If today was the day of the test, in the same way as yesterday was the day of my final exam, I know I would fail in the same way as I failed one of my final exams: for not being prepared.

It’s not like I’ve failed all my exams, but right now I feel as It that has been the case. I don’t want this to be misinterpreted as if I’m saying: «I didn’t do so bad». No. A feeling of nehh fills me even though I get 4’s out of 5’s. No.

When I was on my first semester, the first days of what you call «freshman year», I would surprise, take as a surprise and think of myself as a mediocre when in my first tests and workshops I got a 3,7 or even a 4 out of 5 (on the A to F grading system that would be a C+ and a B). «That’s a good grade». «It’s very difficult to get 5’s here». «Get accustomed to that», some would say, the same who are now conformed to be with chubby girls and with a future cubicle job in a Buffete or in a public office passing their days remembering the birthdays of other sheeple and waiting for the pension, for the day the can finally get up and live.

Now I don’t care with winning, just passing by getting enough grades with the minimum effort to pass the subject, the semester and get out of college. The only girls that don’t flake on me right now are the girls I talked as a second option after I was rejected by th hottie or even worse, when I didn’t talk to her before she get out of the transmilenio.

Soul dying a little more day after day.

When I got 2,6/5 on the evidence law final exam with the so called female version of Prof. Kingsfield, I knew in advance I would lose it. I pictured it in my head not out of anxiety but of a suicidal acceptance of a destiny I had forsee and prepared. Digging my own grave I just continued doing the same shit I’ve been doing for a long time ago. With all the time I had before the exam I could have prepared myself, trained and read all I haven’t for the subject to even get a better grade, but finally I didn’t. Now I know jack shit. I just sat, stared at the screen and procrastinated my life to failure.

I could have woken up early, done my pushups, pull-ups, squats for the challenge, yesterday’s deadline. Now I’m the same skninny bitch of february. I just sat, stared at the screen and procrastinated my life to failure.

I didn’t do this with female kingsfield as I usuallly don’t do this when I lose an exam, I’m not of those who beg for a better grade when he knows not just by the grade but by his lack of discipline that he deserves it, but i’m going to make an exception with you Wald, I’m going to ask you not a better grade but for a new deadline:

I ask you for one month (  31  Days   — or —   4  Weeks and  3  Days) starting yesterday to 25th june to complete the challenge that I left unfinished due to my shameful lack of discipline.


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2 responses to “Wald’s Challenge Week 13 “Fail” @Scarred_Tissue

  1. You have 31 days. June the 27th is test date.

  2. Уведомление: Wald’s Challenge Weeks 16-18 “Deadline” @Scarred_Tissue | Transmillennium

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