Flush the Johns

The feminist court system strikes again:


Flush The John

Shame Men for having a libido

104 Men were arrested for soliciting sex from undercover cops, and then they had their mugshots posted on the internet and television for their wives/friends/children and the rest of the world to see, in a operation called “Flush the John”

via Manhood Academy • View topic – Demonizing male sexuality.

This bitch it’s crazy but this criminal law it’s crazier: when you post the mugshots of men you accuse without a due process nor prosecution you’re violating their right to get a defense and you’re violating their presuncion of inocence.

On the other hand, you’re over criminalizing a completely private behaviour: the freedom of people to use their sex the way they consider. On this law’s logic: Why not prosecute men who ask women on dates, who wine & dine them?

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