Principles: Shamelesness by @KheldarArainai

The Translator’s says: Principios: la importancia del Descaro was the first article I read written by Kheldar Airanai, who writes for his own blog at La Vida es Fluir. Not only that, at his short age he has seduced a lot of women, wrote the books “La Seducción al Natural: un punto de vista, una forma de vida” and “Vivir la Seducción al Natural”; and is currently teaching his lessons on his native Guadalajara and all over Spain, and even Latinoamerica. I admire him a lot for his insightful posts, his honesty far from the so called “Seduction Industry” and for his evolution all over this last four years that when I first met him, not in person, but ideologically.


Today I rescue from the cloths of the past a disappeared article of mine since it was offered as a guest post to a person who seems to value first his pocket than his friends…  what am cheeky, don’t I?

Yes sir, shamelessness. Something that they keep on condemning, to the point of anathematizing it. Something so forbid, precisely because it achieves wonders.

Day after day I, I see, I feel and I understand more and more the importance of shamelessness.

Just recent examples corroborate that with words like “you should know that in the same way as you have behaved with me, with a standard of confidence I feel really attracted to you”. Or even statements like “you’re somebody essential in this world”, just last night.

God bless shamelessness!  One of my friends and pupil on certain battles, used to believe until not so long ago –not long ago in the moment of writing this—that he had fucked it up with a girl, so he introduced her to me: “if I can’t have her, I don’t want other to have her except you”. Weirdest thing I’ve seen in my life, mind you.

So then happens that I, with my entire shamelesnees but not without subtleties –even when some doubt it I can have–; I could get the truth from her that she also thought that was her who had fucked it up with him [my friend] and she also blamed herself for noting him distant and cold with her. Come on, both of them believed that they had wronged the other, for nothing.

There’s a big difference between a real rejection and a misunderstood opportunity.

I save the conclusion of this situation for the already trespassed privacy of the involved, but I allow you to know that for some time the situation was a lot more favorable for him, thanks to the shamelessness I had. Then they fucked it up later, for real, by themselves.

Now bringing to the ‘seduction book’ for some of my most fervent followers. Here it goes:

Juggler and DeAngelo remark a lot the importance of shamelessness (or its American version) with their SOI’s or Statements of Interest and the famous Cocky and Funny, best known here as “ADIS” and “Chulifresco Divertido” thanks to the timely plagiarism of the SC project.

Personally, “Chulifresco Divertido” or any variant of the same (as it seems, right now there’s a so called “Chulifresco Encantado” version, and there can even be more) convince me less than zero than the idea of being a sweet little motherfucker or, in the literal sense of DeAngelo’s words: “Fun and Provocative”.

I’m not here to criticize anybody. Maybe those who, somewhat naively, have come to spoil the meaning and the importance of having a well calibrated shamelessness to get to know how far would you go with certain person and the limits she’d be capable of reaching.

It’s pretty clear that “If you don’t ask, you don’t get” (El que no llora no mama)…

So speak If you want some.

Shamelesness it’s  primordial to state what you  like and dislike of a person, of her body or her ideas, about her personality or the way she acts. A lot of times it achieves results and mutual benefits.

On the other side, it’s a HELL of a way of displaying certain values.

It’s important to be clear about what can happen in certain occasions and certain others, to be clear abot what you want to happen and what you want to get.

It’s important in order to enter and open, to escalate and close and, overall things, in order to fuck. Matter that lots who give more credit to the little head down there have to start to ponder, so the night doesn’t conclude with fap.

Not only it’s shamelessness important in conversational terms, but also in order to start physically approaching and even to pinch her with a touch, a gesture, a tap, a pinch, tickles …

To gain some confidence and comfort, physically speaking.

Movies and tv series provide us with a lot of examples of shameless characters who besides having some fictional traits that make it surreal and charming at the same time (for example, Charlie Harper in Two and a Half Men or Barney Stinson in How I met your Mother, any Stifller –except Erik—in the American Pie franchise)

To better observe an example of shamelessness in action, only look at the Spanish product and I’m not talking precicesly about the poetas de andamio. You’ve got other options, meet me or ask about me to anyone who has ever met or worked with me. Those who want to badmouth me, are those who will give you better impressions.

However, whatever they can tell you I think you’d prefer to have the experience of enjoying living and assimilating by yourself your own wxperience. What can happen there will always be a surprise to those who want to discover it.

As it can be seen in these last paragraphs, also it’s primordial the shamelessness in order to affirm oneself.

A lot of people don’t know the difference between being modes (which it’s based on accepting your reality as it is independently as it can be, besides speaking about it as you please), and giving you the opportunity of being a “hypocrite” (totally rejecting the labels you have, by pretending to be “modest”).

Shameless hugs to all (hey, hands off my as if you don’t want me to scrub the cebollar).



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