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Vic, this is another excellent and very inspiring post from your plume/keyboard. I hate to say it, but now I see myself reflected in your past skinny weak  self.

Like some other readers of B&D, I’ve been transforming myself lifting weights, doing bodyweight excercisses and checking my nutrition during the last 6 months (I’d like to show you my progress).

Your posts have been really inspiring since the first time, when I found you via “Linkage it’s good for You” by “Ferdinand Bardamu” at IMF so I have translated some of the into spanish so that guys like Felipe, like me and others can build something out of themselves:

– How to Find the Motivation to Succeed translated as ¿Cómo encontrar la motivación para tener éxito? (traducción)

How Prisoners Get So Muscular translated as ¿Cómo es que los prisioneros se vuelven tan musculosos? (traducción) (this is on my #3 on my all time pageviews)

– 30 Days of Discipline translated as 30 Días de Disciplina

Thanks for putting all of this into words.

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