Quotes: YOU ARE YOUR OWN GYM ROUTINE | Convict Workout

All workouts are Ladder routines –> Perform one rep of the given exercise, rest, perform two reps, rest, perform three reps, etc until you¹ve reached the point at which going any higher would cause you to hit muscle failure on subsequent sets. Once you¹ve reached that point, come back down without repeating the highest number. The rest interval between sets should be approximately the same amount of time it would take a training partner to perform the same number of reps. You¹ll have more rest as the numbers get higher, and less rest as the numbers get lower on the way back down to one. If you¹ve reached the bottom of your Ladder (1 rep) and the set time hasn¹t expired (7.5min. per exercise), simply start another ladder. It is OK to perform the ladder workout in the low rep range- possibly even repeated singles towards the end of the workout, in order to avoid hitting failure.

via Routines | Convict Workout.


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