Intrasexual Competition and the Strong Independent Woman.


When we talk in the sphere about what motivates women we focus heavily on the «tingle», or sexual attraction.  There is good reason for this, and nearly all men need to focus more on attraction.  We also talk about the tangible benefits women receive from men in the form of provision, protection, and parenting.  Sexual attraction to alpha traits is generally accepted as the (imperfect) manifestation of the female need to provide her children with the most advantageous genes in the form of sperm.  Women are looking for all of these things, but not all choose to acquire them from the same man.  The tendency of many women to pursue a split strategy when securing sperm and provision/protection is summed up in the catch phrase:

Alpha f**** and beta bucks.

For those who are new to the topic of female sex related drives understanding and accepting the basic truth…

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