Surgery Scheduled

Yesterday I went to the Urologist to ask about a problem I was having when having sex: my penis has been bleeding the last few times due to a badly given blowjob. The doctor said that I already was okay because my prepuce now has regenerated and it isn’t tight anymore.
I also asked him about the Vasectomy. “¿Are you sure do you want to have this? What if you fall in love with a woman and she wants…”
“No, I’m sure. I don’t want any son of mine to have the same condition that made my dad have dyalisis and a kidney transplant years ago”
Surgery Scheduled.

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  1. Yo That Guy, today Aurini or somebody tweeted your blog so I just read this post.

    It’s hard to me to write this. Complaining.I know it’s weak. And negative.

    I’ve become an asocial loser who spends his weekends locked up in his parent’s house reading blogs, writing, procrastinating away homework time and who spends weekdays at the University not doing much nor talking to anyone after all these years. 3,7 is my GPA. I dropped out two years ago, but I’m now doing two majors: Law and French/teaching. It’s taking forever. Debt is growing.

    I’ve had some girls over the years, but not the ones I precisely liked. I even fucked two fatties last year, one older than me. Always In secret I don’t want to be associated with that.

    I made the decision to start fresh. Cut up everything I had to do with those losers and proposed myself to get hotter girls this year. I even wanted to get again serious about 30DoD and going to the college gym. Fuck.

    However, the new girls that have given me their numbers in the street and public transport all had flaked on me. One mediocre and shrt girl I kissed and second based last year refused to go fuck last thursday and practically LJBFed me. On friday went to a political meeting where there were lots of hot girls: didn’t approach. I haven’t kept my habits of doing pushups nor have gone back to the gym not even once.

    It’s hard to me to write this. Complaining.I know it’s weak. And negative.

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