“It basically says; Fuck. That. List.”

“One of the most cruel things you can do is tie up a dog in the backyard. I don’t care if you get him food or water: they’re not meant to be tied up. They’re meant to be with the pack. In the same way, a man is not meant to be subservient, like they put us in relationships or, even, in the political correctness. And these movies like Fight Club and the television show, Breaking Bad. That shows a guy that has two sides to him: in Fight Club there is a guy, The Narrator and his alter-ego called ‘Tyler’, that lives live like he wants it; Breaking Bad, you see the nice guy trying to please everyone, then himself, just trying to live based on what he believes. To satisfy himself… “


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by | October 11, 2013 · 2:29 pm

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