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Quote: Jef Costello, “Breaking Bad: A Celebration” | Counter-Currents Publishing

I won’t be revealing too much if I tell you that by the end of season four Walt has gone from being Mr. Clean to being a ruthless, scheming bastard. And a cold-blooded killer. Yet we still care for him – and, more importantly, we admire him. Why? Well, to draw on a distinction Jack Donovan makes in The Way of Men, Walt had always been a “good man,” but he wasn’t so good “at being a man.” However, as his character develops he begins to display all those “amoral” masculine virtues Donovan writes about.

The new Walt is tough, strong, courageous, and masterful. It doesn’t really matter that these virtues are deployed toward unlawful and often destructive ends. We admire these qualities in Walt nonetheless. And frankly it’s hard for me to get too exercised over the unlawfulness of Walt’s actions. It’s hard for me to be too disapproving of anything that undermines the stability of modern American society. The men of Walt’s world are killers and kingpins and assassins – but at least they are still men. One of the larger philosophical issues raised by this series – too large for me to explore here – is the tension that sometimes exists between masculinity and law and order; or: between primal masculine virtue and the virtues necessary to sustain civilization.

via Jef Costello, “Breaking Bad: A Celebration” | Counter-Currents Publishing.


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Surgery Scheduled

Yesterday I went to the Urologist to ask about a problem I was having when having sex: my penis has been bleeding the last few times due to a badly given blowjob. The doctor said that I already was okay because my prepuce now has regenerated and it isn’t tight anymore.
I also asked him about the Vasectomy. “¿Are you sure do you want to have this? What if you fall in love with a woman and she wants…”
“No, I’m sure. I don’t want any son of mine to have the same condition that made my dad have dyalisis and a kidney transplant years ago”
Surgery Scheduled.

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250 relationship studies organized by category

Random Xpat Rantings

Credit to VH for compiling and sharing this google doc

Relationship studies (250+ papers)

Table of Contents

1. “Passion trap”, attachment theory (anxious/avoidant/secure), rejection sensitivity, neediness in relationships…

2. Shyness, “vulnerability”, self-disclosure, social anxiety…

3. Factors contributing to the attractiveness of a man

4. Factors contributing to the attractiveness of a woman

5. Social life and health

6. Touch in social interactions

7. Social skills (and tricks)

8. Social status

9. Funny studies/results

10. SMP (sexual marketplace)

11. LTR, living together, marriage etc

12. Other studies

13. Some very random stuff…


The List

1. “Passion trap”, attachment theory (anxious/avoidant/secure), rejection sensitivity, neediness in relationships…

Eastwick&Finkel: Selective vs. Unselective Romantic Desire: Not All Reciprocity is Created Equal (2006) “These results are the first to suggest that romantic desire comes in two distinct “flavors” depending on whether it is exhibited uniquely toward a particular individual (with positive reciprocal effects) or…

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CUANDO ME AMÉ DE VERDAD por Charlie Chaplin

Nota: Esto me lo envió Mi Negra Hermosa debido a que estoy pasando un momento difícil. Es algo cursi, pero a veces se necesita de lo cursi 🙂

Cuando me amé de verdad comprendí que en cualquier circunstancia, yo estaba en el lugar correcto, en la hora correcta, y en el momento exacto, y entonces, pude relajarme. Hoy sé que eso tiene un nombre… Autoestima.

Cuando me amé de verdad, pude percibir que mi angustia, y mi sufrimiento emocional, no es sino una señal de que voy contra mis propias verdades. Hoy sé que eso es… Autenticidad.

Cuando me amé de verdad, dejé de desear que mi vida fuera diferente, y comencé a aceptar todo lo que acontece, y que contribuye a mi crecimiento. Hoy eso se llama… Madurez.

Cuando me amé de verdad, comencé a percibir que es ofensivo tratar de forzar alguna situación, o persona, sólo para realizar aquello que deseo, aun sabiendo que no es el momento, o la persona no está preparada, inclusive yo mismo. Hoy sé que el nombre de eso es… Respeto.

Cuando me amé de verdad, comencé a librarme de todo lo que no fuese saludable: personas, situaciones y cualquier cosa que me empujara hacia abajo. De inicio mi razón llamó a esa actitud egoísmo. Hoy se llama… Amor Propio.

Cuando me amé de verdad, dejé de temer al tiempo libre y desistí de hacer grandes planes, abandoné los mega-proyectos de futuro. Hoy hago lo que encuentro correcto, lo que me gusta, cuando quiero, y a mi propio ritmo. Hoy sé que eso es… Simplicidad y Sencillez.

Cuando me amé de verdad, desistí de querer tener siempre la razón, y así erré menos veces. Hoy descubrí que eso es… Humildad.

Cuando me amé de verdad, desistí de quedarme reviviendo el pasado, y preocupándome por el futuro. Ahora, me mantengo en el presente, que es donde la vida acontece. Hoy vivo un día a la vez. Y eso se llama… Plenitud.

Cuando me amé de verdad, percibí que mi mente puede atormentarme y decepcionarme. Pero cuando la coloco al servicio de mi corazón, ella tiene un gran y valioso aliado.

Todo eso es… Saber Vivir


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1.9 Way of Men


Bro! The Carlyle Club is hogging the remote, refusing to ask for directions, and generally manning up for some guy talk on masculinity. (No girls allowed.)

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Musical Friday: Dios los crea, ellos se matan y la Selección los junta….

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Quote Oregon Bar Owner Fined 400k for Telling Transsexuals to go Elsewhere – The Spearhead

I’ve never concealed my skepticism about transsexuality. I became suspicious of the trans rights movement when I noticed how many transsexuals were involved in “deconstructing masculinity” and similar man-hating/gender-bending academic disciplines. While homosexuals have an apparently inborn sexual preference, transsexuals are by definition not “born that way.” In fact, most of them are straight men, and many are fathers to children. Often, the desire to “become a woman” seems to arise in middle age, by which time full physical and psychological masculinization has already occurred. I suspect that transsexuality, for most men, is a form of pathological pedestalization of women. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all, and it isn’t uncommon for people to strive to become that which they most admire.

In general, I don’t think people are viscerally offended by men who can genuinely “pass,” but there’s something about a big man with an adams apple and huge hands in a dress that disturbs people. Just as the transsexual claims to have been “born” a woman, I think I can say with some certainty that most people were born with an aversion to that kind of gender bending.

via Oregon Bar Owner Fined 400k for Telling Transsexuals to go Elsewhere – The Spearhead.

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