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Musical Friday: Igor Stravinsky’s «The Rite of Spring» #riteofspring #stravinsky

This is for the 100-year anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s «The Rite of Spring» premiere.


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60% of married men carry the primary financial burden for their families. Most people wish that number was even higher and most people agree that working moms are bad for kids and bad for marriage. In other news, the sun rises in the east.

Economic lessons from JB.


This story is everywhere today, and I’m finding the various spins on it so fascinating. First of all, I have yet to see any major media outlet put men at the center of the narrative: I can’t find any stories that talk about the 60% of MEN who are supporting their families. All the focus is on the 40% of WOMEN who are now out earning their husbands.


Feminist websites are all rah rah rah – ladies be kicking ass so hard!

Instructively, Jezebel (linking in from a fellow Gawker site) follows their sneering piece with a gif showing a scantily clad woman punching a man in office setting, with the headline “Woman Shows How To Kick Ass At Work”.

One can imagine the outcry if it were a man doing the same thing to a woman.

Double XX at Slate has two stories, both trying so hard…

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«El Puente Temporal»: Excusas y más excusas

El Puente Temporal: La Pesadilla. Desconfianza es lo que siente una mujer al ser contactada una segunda vez por un tipo que «no conoce» y del que solo sabe que la abordó en un centro comercial o en la calle con una excusa indirecta para preguntarle algo sobre una ex-novia celosa (u otra tecnica). A pesar del buen juego que un PUA pueda tener el Dia 1, el puente temporal y por consiguiente, el dia 2, es lo mas dificil que he tenido que lograr para quedar con una TB. Bombardeadas de mala prensa, de violaciones, abusos a mujeres, acido en el rostro y demas, las mujeres colombianas andan desconfiadas, precabidas y con la mano puesta en el bolso para que no le roben, y quedar para una cita se ha complicado bastante. Las mujeres no callan, a las amigas le cuentan que las abordo un tipo en la calle con una pregunta tonta, pero que le parecio interesante, a lo que la amiga celosa responde: que miedo, quien sabe quien sera, quien sabe que intensiones tendra, y tu le diste tu telefono? etc, etc. Se llena de excusas para no concretar del Dia 2. Los sitios que generan «confianza», como los salones de clase, las oficinas de trabajo, o los gimnasios, son el mejor entorno para avanzar en el juego. La calle solo es para perder presion social. DanielM.

¿Y si el que genera confianza es uno?
Sin embargo, eso es verdaderamente lo más frustrante del game: conoces una chica que te gusta, crees que la atracción es mutua, la acabas de conocer en la calle y ya están en un café compartiendo historias y besos, tal vez te la llevas a la casa pero crees que todo va muy rápido así que decides ir al ritmo de ella. Está bien.

Ahora no contesta tu cel, no te responde tus mensajes y no te llamó por el anillo de ella que guardaste como un souvenir y como un avenir de lo que vendría y que ya no vendrá. WTF!? Dicen que las colombianas son así, pero te has negado a creer en ese mito pensando que en tu caso es diferente, a ti nadie te deja colgado y menos después de tanto. La unica solución al ‘flakeo’ es: llegar más lejos con la chica.
A — B — C : Always Be Closing. Siempre estar cerrando. Hay que hacer la «venta» rápido, evitando que ella se envenene de las segundas opiniones de terceros. Los peligros de una segunda opinión. Cambiar de opinión es tan fácil, especialmente en un mundo en que puede que haya otras ofertas a la vuelta de la esquina o simplemente cuando se tiene un aparato que con cada zumbido le ofrece otros «negocios»: Hipergamia.
Y ni aún así es seguro. Heisenberg y Schrödinger.

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Mentu’s Road to Alpha

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2.6 Men Among the Ruins


A man among the ruins. An aristocrat of the soul. The original radical traditionalist.

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Wald’s Challenge Week 13 “Fail” @Scarred_Tissue

On sunday 24th febrary I accepted Walderschmidt’s challenge.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: 100 SIT UPS/PUSH-UPS in 2″, 20 Pull Ups in 2″ and run a mile (1,605 km) in 6″.

91  Days   — or —   13  Weeks and  0  Days have passed since February 24th, 2013 the beggining of Wald’s Challenge.

If today was the day of the test, in the same way as yesterday was the day of my final exam, I know I would fail in the same way as I failed one of my final exams: for not being prepared.

It’s not like I’ve failed all my exams, but right now I feel as It that has been the case. I don’t want this to be misinterpreted as if I’m saying: «I didn’t do so bad». No. A feeling of nehh fills me even though I get 4’s out of 5’s. No.

When I was on my first semester, the first days of what you call «freshman year», I would surprise, take as a surprise and think of myself as a mediocre when in my first tests and workshops I got a 3,7 or even a 4 out of 5 (on the A to F grading system that would be a C+ and a B). «That’s a good grade». «It’s very difficult to get 5’s here». «Get accustomed to that», some would say, the same who are now conformed to be with chubby girls and with a future cubicle job in a Buffete or in a public office passing their days remembering the birthdays of other sheeple and waiting for the pension, for the day the can finally get up and live.

Now I don’t care with winning, just passing by getting enough grades with the minimum effort to pass the subject, the semester and get out of college. The only girls that don’t flake on me right now are the girls I talked as a second option after I was rejected by th hottie or even worse, when I didn’t talk to her before she get out of the transmilenio.

Soul dying a little more day after day.

When I got 2,6/5 on the evidence law final exam with the so called female version of Prof. Kingsfield, I knew in advance I would lose it. I pictured it in my head not out of anxiety but of a suicidal acceptance of a destiny I had forsee and prepared. Digging my own grave I just continued doing the same shit I’ve been doing for a long time ago. With all the time I had before the exam I could have prepared myself, trained and read all I haven’t for the subject to even get a better grade, but finally I didn’t. Now I know jack shit. I just sat, stared at the screen and procrastinated my life to failure.

I could have woken up early, done my pushups, pull-ups, squats for the challenge, yesterday’s deadline. Now I’m the same skninny bitch of february. I just sat, stared at the screen and procrastinated my life to failure.

I didn’t do this with female kingsfield as I usuallly don’t do this when I lose an exam, I’m not of those who beg for a better grade when he knows not just by the grade but by his lack of discipline that he deserves it, but i’m going to make an exception with you Wald, I’m going to ask you not a better grade but for a new deadline:

I ask you for one month (  31  Days   — or —   4  Weeks and  3  Days) starting yesterday to 25th june to complete the challenge that I left unfinished due to my shameful lack of discipline.

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Quote: Open Post #26 — Feminism | Best Gore

Men have historically achieved greater things than women, but that’s because they had their women supporting them every step of their way. By knowing their place and sticking with it, the women were the driving force behind the achievements. A man knew that even if whole world turned against him, he could come home and there find his woman who didn’t care one bit what the entire rest of the world thought. She was always there for him, always on his side. That man would do anything for his woman.

But then the feminists came and poisoned the world with their toxic minds. All of a sudden they felt like they needed to go against the natural order of things and do the man’s work. A woman who used to be there for the man and stood always by him, suddenly turned against him and used her body to undermine his position. And just as leftists invented word “bigot” and Zionists word “Anti-Semite”, feminists came up with their own labels to plaster all over everyone who didn’t agree with them.

via Open Post #26 — Feminism | Best Gore.

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