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Contracts 101

Note: I don’t fucking know what happens when I post comments on some blogs, WordPress keeps telling me that I can’t post comments when I press the comment button. This error message then returns me to the Home page of the blog I’m commenting, I repeat the process ad aeternum and maybe I get banned for spam like on In Mala Fide in my home’s pc. This is a comment I posted in Business Idea by Danger & Play.

When I read the title I thought first that you were going to sign an editing contract for your first book about your adventures  in the hustle or that you were going to open an MMA gym for skinny punksters who want to become hard.

Then, as I started reading I thought you were going to sign a lifetime contract with the possibility of increasing your net worth, become a partner of the firm, travel around the world closing deals and playing the big game earning the big bucks. But I tend to distract myself from the reading and invent my own stories.

Then I continued reading, ok, it’s a lifetime contract, maybe you will receive social security, dental plan, insurance and the possibility to save for your first house. My imagination continued flying.

Then, I saw this was some kind of wicked unilateral contract. You signed, you assumed all the obligations and you could be enforced to comply when you’d stopped complying with the terms and conditions of the contract, while at the same time your boss and employer wouldn’t commit to a reciprocal obligation to you, equally enforceable by the judge.

This is not a laboral contract, this is an slavery contract.

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Roosh, the ‘Profet of the Pussy’

Note: I don’t know why I can’t post comments on Blogs like In Mala Fide or RooshV. This is one of those lost comments in a post by Roosh Everything I know about Women.

Wow… Roosh the ‘Profet of the Pussy’ who sits on a rock with his harem of 7 women –one for each day of the week– and teaches the pilgrims what are they going to find on their way: what they expect to find.


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‘Direct Game doesn’t exist’

Note: This is a comment I made in Direct vs Indirect Street Game by Roissy / Heartiste. In this comment I start developing an idea I’ve been having about Game in the last years and that maybe I will develop further in the future.

Direct game doesn’t exist. The only game that exist is indirect.

Why do I say that? Not even the people who endorse “Direct Game” are really direct, they show some of their intentions, but not all of their intentions. Even when they say: “I think you’re cute/sexy/I like you, so I came here to talk to you”, they’re being indirect. They never say in an straightforward way in the first encounter: “I want to fuck you”, and even when they say that, they say it as part of an strategy to get her reaction and open her to a conversation, they say as part of an indirect strategy. On the other hand, If you approach only saying that, you’re not going to get very far with the girl. That’s why the only game that exist’s is indirect.

The direct-indirect game, also is developend in different stages of the seduction: you start being indirect, and later on you show your real intentions, you utter them in a way that doesn’t let room for misinterpretations. But first you have to be close, to approach indirectly the prey to give the final blow at the last moment: straight to the neck.

On the other hand, I think game resolves between two extremes: Not approaching at all nor showing any intentions, through the beta I-wine-n-dine-you-so-you-like-me to the extreme of showing entirely your intenions and even enforcing them with your strenght (i.e. rape game).

You can ve verbally indirect, but your intent is always direct. Like when you start a conversation with a woman, you can be talking about any topic, but your body language and your vibe is sexual, you’re flirting, using sexual innuendo, being suggestive, being tacit, being provocative… In that way your are not going to be LJBFed nor ‘I have a boyfriend’ excuse.

Also, the game you use depends on the context you’re in, and sometimes they’re overlooked or ignored: day game, night game, different girls, different venues and different cultures.


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Soy un especimen más de Human Planet

Nota: Este comentario lo publiqué en Divina Comedia, un blog retwiteado por el Misandrista El y por eso asumí, sin saber que el escrito de tal blog era de la misma calaña, por lo que espero no haber ofendido con mis palabras y reconozco que tiene un blog muy gracioso con artículos que leeré para reirme un rato de nuestras estupideces humanas, como la que cometí: Criticar sin conocer.

El típico artículito sí, dice verdades de la sexualidad humana (como que la belleza de las mujeres se desvanece después de los 30 y que los hombres maduramos como el vino), pero ridiculiza a la sexualidad masculina, muestra a los hombres como puros y simples excitados que viven pendientes de cualquier ‘pedazo de carne con ojos’ de “rango de edad empieza en aquellas que ‘ya pueden cruzar la calle solas’ y termina en ‘las de 30 que parecen de 25′”.

Aunque se rescata que dice la verdad respecto de algunos que esperando que al menos alguien los “quiera” (se los tire), no les importa dar un poco de dinero a cambio de ello. ¿A qué se nos parece esto? Al negocio más antiguo del mundo, análogo a instituciones como el matrimonio.

Hay otro problema: pobresitos los viejitos verdes, que quieren tener la compañía de una mujer, pero los ridiculizamos y los hacemos ver como unos ganosos y pervertidos. ¿Por qué no tratamos de la misma manera a las “cuchibarbies”/cougars/maduritas que se meten con jovencitos entre la edad de ‘pañales sucios’ y ‘tiene carro, aunque prestado del papá’.

¿De la misma manera, por qué no ridiculizar a las mujeres que se dejan embarazar con el fin de captar los recursos del hombre (y subsidios del Estado?

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hjernevask – Brainwash – Lavado de Cerebro

Brainwash o Lavado de Cerebro, eso es lo que quiere decir el título y ese es el password para los siguientes videos en Vimeo (Audio en noruego con subtítulos en inglés) :

La primera vez que vi el Episodio 1 fue el año pasado y yo creía que ese era el único documental, pero ahora me doy cuenta que son siete en la serie de Documentales del noruego Harald Eia, que salieron al aire en 2010. En el primer episodio, “Llamado la Paradoja de la Igualdad de Género” (”The Gender Equality Paradox”), Eia investiga la interesante tendencia en la igualitaria Noruega: las mujeres gozan de las opciones para elegir las profesiones que desean gracias a la igualdad de género, pero siguen prefiriendo elegir carreras en medicina y educación antes de elegir carreras en ciencias e ingenierías, “tradicionamlmente y mayoritariamente masculinas”.

Eia entrevista diferentes expertos en Estudios de Género, y no muy convencido por su falta de pruebas, decide contrastarlos con los argumentos científicos de expertos en el campo de la Psicología Evolutiva y de la Neurología, quienes defienden que la elección de carrera no es algo enteramente social sino que en ella intervienen factores biológicos que los científicos sociales noruegos pasaron por alto.

Lo interesante de estos videos en el actual contexto es interesante porque es evidencia directa de que los(as) feministas al ser confrontados(as) con hechos que contradicen sus discursos y teorías fraudulentas acerca del género como “constructo social” y el patriarcado/machismo como una fuerza opresora de la mujer, simplemente se hacen los(as) de la vista gorda.


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“Women get the men they deserve”

Note: This is a comment I couldn’t post to Common Mistakes You Will Make While Learning Game « Chateau Heartiste.

heartiste: or maybe women could stop rewarding the sort of guys who like one night stands. remember, women are the gatekeepers to sex. they get the men they deserve”

Why would they ever do that? Isn’t that a victory of the woman’s lib mov?

Last week, I attended a /feminist Gender studies conference as an undercover in the best university of my country. There, the feminist claimed that they had the right to choose with whom they wanted to get laid and not be judged as sluts, while at the same time, they criticized, they call  players ‘mysoginists’ for ‘hurting’ women when sleeping with lots of them.

They wanted to have “my body my choice” = “my choice to be a sloot”. They wanted to sleep around like men while not being judged as whores/sluts/fulanas/perras/putas. They wanted the freedom of choice the contraceptives gave them. They asked for equality, but they can’t stand the consequences of it.

For me, I’m happy that girls are easier in this time and age: you don’t have to buy them dinners (or pay them with other thing than sex), you don’t have to be that good looking (maybe a little)… You only have to use good game.

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“Papito deme un besito”

This is a comment I made for: Grits for Breakfast: Me, APD, and ‘Babysitting While White,’ Part Deux.

In my country, It happened the same to a divorced father I know from my job.

Victor was on the bus with his 9 year old son, Julian. They where talking and as Victor and Julian have a better relationship than the one between the mother and Julian, they are very fond of each other. They have a very close relationship.

In one moment, Victor asked his boy: “Give me a kiss papito (“deme un beso, papito”). Julian kissed his father and they were happy.

But later on the bus was stopped by the Police. A woman had told the police that Victor was a Pedofile and they were going to take Victor to the CAI (and later to the Judge) and Julian to the Bienestar Familiar. At least it didn’t happened: Victor explained Julian is his son and the accuser remained anonymous.

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